10 Habits for Healthy and Effective Weight Loss

Weight loss doesn’t have to be complicated or you don’t have to invest on some ancient berry that you saw Dr Oz say is the key to weight loss. If you can implement simple efficient strategies that you will stick to over the long term you will be well on your way to losing weight and keeping it off.

Below are our 10 Habits for Health and Effective Weight Loss

1.      Eat every 2-3 hours. Eating regularly throughout the day will keep blood sugar levels stable while also keeping your body fueled with energy to avoid binge eating eating or mid afternoon crashes in energy.



 2.      Eat a source of protein with every snack and meal. Protein is note only important in helping you build and repair muscle tissue it also boosts your metabolism and helps you feel full for longer.

 What has protein in it?

 Our list of the best high protein sources are:

–          Lean beef

–          Kangaroo

–          Chicken breast

–          Turkey breast

–          Eggs & egg whites

–          Cottage cheese

–          Plain Greek Yoghurt

–          Protein powder

–          Cooked lentils

–          Tofu

–          Vegetable burgers


How much protein do I need?

 Per serving aim to have at least 15-20 grams of protein. A simple way of measuring if the serving is enough for you or not is the palm test. A serving size is the size of the palm of your hand


 3. Limit your starchy vegetables for breakfast and after exercise meals only

What counts as a starchy carb?






 4. Eat the rainbow. Aim to have nutrient dense, coloured vegetables with every meal. Not only are vegetables full of vitamins they are also low in calories which means you end up feeling very satisfied after eating them. Try to have at least 5 serves of coloured vegetables a day.

What counts as a serve?

A simple way of measuring a serving size is to simply measure your fist against the serve of vegetable you’re about to eat.

What veggies are best? Try to eat the following veggies




Sweet Potato



Brussel Sprouts



Green capsicum


Spring onions


Green Beans



5. Don’t be scared of fats. That’s healthy fats! Aim to have roughly 30g of healthy fats daily in your diet. Check out this great article on the benefits of eating good fats.

 6. Drink only calories free drinks. We have seen people lose lots of weight by simply following this rule. A lot people consume 500-1000 calories through liquid sources like wine, coffee (added sugars) and soft drink. Try your best to replace the drink you’re currently having with a glass of water

7. Consume as many whole foods as possible. Try to eat foods that are as close to their natural make up as possible. Eating whole foods will allow you to get more bang for your buck when you eat. Processed foods not only have a lot of preservatives and artificial additives they are more often lacking in the vitamins that the original ingredient contained.

8. Prepare your meals ahead of time. By being prepared ahead of time you will not have to make spur of the moment meal decisions which more often than not end up being unhealthy choices.

9. Plan to ‘cheat’. To start with allow yourself to ‘cheat’ 15% of the time. The means that 85% of the time you will follow the above rules but you are still allowed to eat your favourite foods every now and then. They key to weight loss is moderation, not deprivation. Keep in mind that when you’re cheating that this doesn’t mean you can completely stuff yourself, eat until you’re only 80% full.

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 10. Drink 8-10 glasses of water. While there isn’t an exact science of how much water we should drink it is still vital for our survival as human beings and will assist you in losing weight.

Don’t like water? Check out this link for some tasty ways of spicing up your water

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